Seminar Schedule

Friday, March 8: 12PM
Immunity Through Food: Elderberry & Bone Broth
Katie Zuraff, Homegrown Sioux Empire/Dakota Rural Action

Friday, March 8: 1PM
Injecting Trees for Emerald Ash Borer & Other Diseases
Bill Hartman, Bill’s Garden

Friday, March 8: 2PM
Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes
Mary Lerrsen, Master Gardeners & Sioux Falls Garden Club

Friday, March 8: 3PM
All About Hydrangeas
Amanda Beck, Nursery Wholesalers

Friday, March 8: 4PM
Fermentation 101
Jacob Fokken, Co-op Natural Foods

Friday, March 8: 5PM
How to Use Storm water in Your Landscape
John McCaine, Asst.  Professor & SDSU Extension Water Management Engineer

Friday, March 8: 6PM
Basic Beekeeping
David Jastram & Teresa Matthies, Sioux Falls Area  Beekeepers Group

Friday, March 8: 7PM
Backyard Chicken Keeping
Stephanie Peterson, Fruit of the Coop

Saturday, March 9: 9AM
Attracting Birds & Butterflies in the Home Landscape
May Schaefer, Master Gardener

Saturday, March 9: 10AM
Chickens 101
Stephanie Peterson, Fruit of the Coop

Saturday, March 9: 11AM
Creating Outdoor Rooms
Oakridge Nursery

Saturday, March 9: 12PM
Canning 101
Eowyn Corral, Dakota Rural Action

Saturday, March 9: 1PM
Native Grasses & Perennials for SD Gardens
John Parker, Minnehaha County Conservation District

Saturday, March 9: 2PM
Emerald Ash Borer is Here: Now What?
Dr. John Ball, SDSU Extension Specialist

Saturday, March 9: 3PM
Raised Bed Gardening
Raymond & May Schaefer, Master Gardeners

Saturday, March 9: 4PM
Herbs: Capturing the Flavor From Your Garden
Marco Patzer, Cherry Rock Farms

Saturday, March 9: 5PM
Success With Tomatoes
Austin Langenfeld, Homegrown Sioux Empire/Dakota Rural Action

Saturday, March 9: 6PM
What is CBD or Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
Toni Schafer, CBD Mamas

Sunday, March 10: 11AM
Soil Health
Dennis Jurkovich, Master Gardener

Sunday, March 10: 12PM
What Next? Replanting After Emerald Ash Borer
Dr. John Ball, SDSU Extension Specialist

Sunday, March 10: 1PM
Gardening for Climate Change & Drought Tolerant Perennials
Sue Nipe, Sioux Falls Garden Club

Sunday, March 10: 2PM
Into to Vermicomposting
Kelsie Thomas & Tony Helland, Homegrown Sioux Falls/Dakota Rural Action

Sunday, March 10: 3PM
First Editions: Trees & Shrubs for South Dakota
Herman Tiedeman, First Editions

Sunday, March 10: 4PM
Natural Pet Care with Essential Oils
Laura Glanville, Drops by Design